Nutrition & Healthcare Alliance For better health

Nutrition in healthcare

The Nutrition & Healthcare Alliance is expert centre in nutrition & healthcare. We make scientific insights on nutrition and physical activity personal and applicable in healthcare. Our board members are experts from Gelderse Vallei Hospital, Rijnstate Hospital and Wageningen University & Research with its global position in healthy food and living environment. We share our knowledge and experiences at conferences. Read more in this download 'For better health!' 


Our wide network brings together science, care practice, government and companies: on a regional, national and international level. We share our experiences, publish results and organize stakeholder meetings.


Top scientific nutritional knowledge of Wageningen University & Research is applied in every project. The top clinical setting of Rijnstate enhances our unique academic nutritional and clinical research infrastructure.


New innovations are developed, validated and applied into care and prevention. With the Municipality of Ede and care organisation Opella excellent nutritional care in the Food Valley region is realised. Hospital Gelderse Vallei gained reputation as Nutrition Hospital.


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