19 DECEMBER 2019

Eating healthy when treating obesity

Treating obesity better. That is the aim of Eric Hazebroek, professor by special appointment in Nutrition and Obesity Treatment. The 14th of November he gave his inaugural address at Wageningen University & Research. “Obesity is too often stigmatized: is your own fault. And that is wrong”, according to professor Hazebroek. “A large group of people who are trying to lose weight cannot succeed in doing so due to a variety of reasons. At Nutrition and Obesity Treatment we want to better understand why treatment is zo difficult; what can we do to be more successful in treating obesity?”

Eating healthy when treating obesity

Surgeon Eric Hazebroek, professor by special appointment in Nutrition and Obesity Treatment, Wageningen University & Research.

Via the Nutrition and Healthcare Alliance hospital Rijnstate, Vitalys, Wageningen University & Research and hospital Gelderse Vallei are working on optimizing nutritional care, including nutrition before and after bariatric surgery. The position of Eric Hazebroek emerged from this collaboration. Hospital Rijnstate finances the chair group of prof. Hazebroek. 

Read more about the research of professor Hazebroek in the weblog 'eating healthy when treating overweight' of Wageningen University & Research.

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