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  • 12 oktober 2021
  • 10:00 uur
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  • 12 oktober 2021
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After a colorectal cancer diagnosis: Does lifestyle matter?

Invitational Meeting - In October three PhD candidates working on nutrition and colorectal cancer prognosis will defend their theses. In honor of these defences the Division of Human Nutrition and Health (WUR) is organizing a symposium for cancer researchers. During this symposium results of the COLON studie will be shared along with some new insights in the field.

After a colorectal cancer diagnosis: Does lifestyle matter?

Preliminary program

10:00-10:05    Welcome by Ellen Kampman
10:05-10:50    Nutrition and colorectal cancer: from prevention to survivorship by John Mathers, Dieuwertje Kok and Anne-Sophie van Lanen
10:50-11:30    Molecular epidemiology; vitamin D and cancer prognosis by Fränzel van Duijnhoven, Vera Wesselink and Edward Giovannucci
11:30-12:00    Break
12:00-13:00    Lifestyle and colorectal cancer prognosis: from observational results to intervention studies by Renate Winkels, Giota Mitrou, Moniek van Zutphen, Harm van Baar and Judith ten Have / Koen Manusama  
13:00-13:15    Closure by Ellen Kampman

This symposium is organized by Wageningen University & Research

in honor of the PhD-thesis defences of:

Moniek van Zutphen
 “Lifestyle after colorectal cancer diagnosis: Observed changes and associations with recurrence and survival”
11 October 13:30 CEST

Vera Wesselink
“Vitamin D, inflammation and their interplay in colorectal cancer prognosis”
12 October 16:00 CEST

Harm van Baar
 “-Imaging all the people- Associations of computed tomography-based body composition with mortality and fatigue in stage I-III colorectal cancer patients.”
21 October 11:00 CEST

Read more about the COLON study at this website