Who we are

'Excellence in nutrition & healthcare'

The Nutrition & Healthcare Alliance is recognized as a center of excellence for nutrition in healthcare. We promote health through better integrated nutritional care: before, during and after hospitalisation. Our project adressess social relevant developments, such as an increase in (chronic) illness, self-management, digitalitzation and a changing health care system. We focus on innovative solutions for optimizing the food supply and providing personal nutritional advice.


The Nutrition & Healthcare Alliance has a strong network of knowledge and healthcare institutions, governments and companies (multinationals, SMEs and starters). Together with our network we  work on research and innovation projects. With care organizations, we form a fieldlab for stimulating and testing innovations in healthcare. Our network also offers a social sounding board for developments, projects and themes.

What do we offer?

  • Access to experts from our partners: Wageningen University & Research and Gelderse Vallei Hospital, Rijnstate, Opella, Municipality of Ede
  • Research in the care practice to improve insights into the role of nutrition in (the development of) disease, in treatment and recovery
  • Use of top research facilities to measure health effects, including the Human Nutrition Research Unit at Wageningen University & Research and the unique Odor and taste research facilities at Gelderse Vallei Hospital.
  • Implementation and validation of knowledge and concepts in the transmural care chain
  • Dissemination of results in our regional, national and international network
  • Network meetings and knowledge sharing through conferences and the reception of national and international delegations.


We like to get in touch with innovators, researchers, healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs with ideas on this theme. Contact us via info@alliantievoeding.nl.

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