16 AUGUST 2018

Studytrip to Japan with DUJAT

In June, the Nutrition & Healthcare Alliance took part in the study trip organized by the Dutch & Japanese Trade Federation (DUJAT). The Alliance contributed to the theme Food during the Agriculture, Food and Investiment Seminar in Tokyo. Also, companies in food and technology were visited to explore potential collaborations. Having international partners can support our ambitions in research and innovations in nutritional care.

Studytrip to Japan with DUJAT

Menkveld-Beukers and Arthur van Zanten, intensivist and medical advisor in the management
cardiologist and president of the Nutrition & Healthcare Alliance, manager Menrike
This year 26 people took part in the study trip organized by DUJAT. Tom van Loenhout,
Prof. Jan Peter Balkenende, external senior advisor at EY, closed the seminar. He emphasized
the close collaboration between Japan and The NL and the importance of public-private
partnership and innovation in order to find solutions for global food issues. Furthermore he
indicated that the seminar confirmed that additional connections between the domains food,
health and lifestyle are essential to be able to nourish people in a way that increases the
quality of life.

Network events and company visits

The Nutrition & Healthcare Alliance, OostNL, Loyens & Loeff Health visited several nutrition
and health related companies in Tokyo and nearby Osaka. Experiences and innovations were
shared with Tanita, Health Promotion Centre Junkipai Okayama, Kewpie and Mitsubishi
Corporate Life Sciences. Hospital Gelderse Vallei and Wageningen University & Research
contributed with their knowledge and experience. Chances regarding collaborations in the
fields of prevention, healthy weight and personalised nutritionwere explored through
interactive sessions and and tours. Together with the delegation from DUJAT, interesting visits
to the companies Kikkoman and Yakult took place. The network was further reinforced by a
dinner hosted by Sir Gerard Michels, consul general in Osaka and with a large reception at the
Dutch embassy where the guest were welcomed by H.E. Mr. Aart Jacobi.


The Nutrition & Healthcare Alliance has become a partnet of DUJAT in 2018. DUJAT, which has
a broad network in Japan, focusses on reinforcement of the general economical relations
between the Netherlands and Japan. The DUJAT mission has generated a promising network
to continue the development in research and innovations for better health care.
See www.dujat.nl for more information.

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